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Today I’m pleased to have as my guest Laurean Brooks. She was brave enough to let me interview her. Here’s the result:

Please tell us about growing up.

I was terribly shy and a bit of a tomboy as a child. My siblings and I swung on a Tarzan-type rope hung high up in the giant oak tree, and rolled one another down the hill in a barrel. When the teacher called on me to answer a question, my face burned. The other kids turned to stare as if they'd never seen a beet-red face.

I grew up on a Tennessee farm, the fourth of seven children. We were given responsibilities at an early age. Taking care of livestock, cutting firewood, raising three gardens and 10 acres of corn (which we planted, hoed, and harvested) were a few outdoor chores we performed.

My sister and I were given assigned cooking, making the family's beds and helping Mama on wash day. We hung clothes on the wire lines Daddy had strung from post to post in the backyard, while Mama ran the clothes through the wringer washing machine.
Having few material things forced my siblings and me to be creative. My sister, Jewell, and I cut children models from the Sears catalog for our paper dolls. We spent countless hours putting on play productions, using them as our cast.

She and I would also select a book then take turns picking out 10 words from which to create a funny story. I guess this was how my love of writing began. And I still include humor in all my stories.

My brother Ralph, a few years older, had a gift for carpentry. When he was 14, he nailed together a sled from scrap lumber. It was too heavy to slide on soft snow the first winter, but when the snow became deep and packed the following winter, it sailed. A tree root halfway down the hill in our woods became a launching ramp. When the sled struck the root and it became airborne, we would hang on for dear life.It would end up sometimes in the creek at the foot of the hill.

Ralph would also take the younger ones on long walks through the woods. One day he took us to an old deserted two-story house. He told us it might be haunted, and to slip in quietly. My sister and younger brother did as told. We entered the kitchen. Inside was a table, an old wood cook stove and a few dishes, as if someone might be living there. In the corner sat a trunk. We opened the lid and found stacks of pictures inside. After we became bored, it was time to investigate the upstairs.

With Ralph in front we started ascending. About halfway up the stairs, we heard a rush. Ralph turned around and frowned, “What was that?”

Two seconds later, a slew of bats flew down the stairs, over our heads. We tore out of that house as fast as our legs would carry us and never went returned.

Married, single? Children?

Today, I have been married to a flea-market loving, auction-hopping man for 28 years. The biggest part of our vacations are spent at yard sales or inside antique/junk stores. We collectively have three children. All are grown and married. My husband has 4 grandchildren and I have one granddaughter.

Tux has cat-itude!

When you’re not writing, what’s your favorite way to relax and recharge?

We are Daddy and Mama to two Labrador Retrievers and a black cat. I take daily walks with the dogs and cat, weather permitting. The cat tags along, depending on his mood on that particular day. He has a cat-itude at times.



How long have you been writing?

I've been published 8 years, writing since I was 10. My first essay in 5th grade got me in trouble. Miss Mary did not appreciate my version of Columbus's expedition to the New World. I read it to the class. They went into hysterics over the scene where the natives stuffed Columbus into a cannon then shot him back across the ocean. But Miss Mary did not see the humor in it. She demanded a “more realistic” rewrite. I did the rewrite, but my classmates' eyes glazed over as I read it aloud.

Where do you prefer to write? Do you need quiet, music, solitude? PC or laptop?

I need solitude and quiet. Soft music seems to help. Sometimes I write from my computer desk. But when on a deadline, I take my laptop into the bedroom, close the door, get comfortable in the recliner, and write from there.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

A pantser who wants to become a plotser (a cross between the two.) I don't want a strict outline, since my story tends to take off in a different direction than I mentally planned. But I have seriously considered jotting down a loose outline that will change as I get into the story. The outline would start me at point A (the beginning), and take me to point Z (the planned ending). But B through Y (and everything in between) need to be flexible because my characters tend to take me in unpredictable directions.

Do you do your research before you begin a new project, or as you go along?

Both. Beforehand and as I go along. During research, I might find something of historical interest that will add flavor to the story.

Who is the most interesting secondary character you've written, and why?

Oscar Ellwood, III in JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS was a spoiled, Mama's boy, lanky and skinny, buck-toothed and wore Coke-bottle thick glasses. Oscar was an intellectual know-it-all who pursued my heroine until my hero nipped it in the bud. The guy was hilarious. You never knew what he would do or say next. And when during the mission trip his teddy bear fell out of his bag... Well, I'll just quote what a reader said, “That Oscar was a hoot.”

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise readers.

By now you can tell I'm talkative and a people person. I love meeting people, learning about them as long as it's in a public setting. But I have a private side that demands I spend time alone. It is those times at home or during walks in the woods that ideas form for my next book.

What do you hope your writing brings to readers?

I would like my stories to entertain, to pull my readers into a different world. I want to take them on an emotional journey, make them cry and/or make them laugh. If the reader feels something and learns a life lesson from the story, it is worth the sweat and tears I've put into it.

What advice would you give to unpublished authors?

Do not get discouraged. If you have a story in you, write it. Stay away from dream stealers as much as possible. Surround yourself with upbeat people who have the same goals—preferably fellow writers. Study the craft of writing. Online creative writing courses helped encourage me. Once your manuscript is completed, let a friend who scored high in grammar proof it. Then send it to a qualified editor.

What has helped you in your writing career? Did you have a mentor?

I've had fellow writers who would not let me give up. At mid-point while writing my first book, I laid it aside for months. My friend, Deb, who I met on an online writing course, kept after me to pick it up again. I finally did a year later and finished the last half of the book in weeks. Deb is still an inspiration to me.

Seeking the Lord helps me stay centered. I ask for guidance each time I start a new book. “Lord, I'm writing for You. Let every story I write honor You, and anoint my words to help those struggling with similar problems to those of my characters.

Tell us about your latest release.



When Carrie Franklin's struggle with a drunk leaves him unconscious or perhaps dead, she flees. Forgetting the promise she made to her deceased mother, she catches the train to Abilene, leaving her feckless brother behind.

Carrie shares a seat with a young woman who confides she's a mail order bride en route to meet her fiancé. Molly's friend had also planned to be part of this adventure. But without warning Katy Davis changed her mind.

When Carrie mentions she will disembark in Abilene, Molly asks a favor. “Please explain Katy's absence to the man Katy promised to wed. It would be awful if he waited at the depot for hours.”

Wrought through a misunderstanding and her empty purse, Carrie finds herself headed toward the Kramer Ranch with Josh Kramer under the assumed name Katy Davis.

When Carrie learns through Josh's aunt that he believes she's the domestic help, Carrie realizes she had dug herself into a pit. Aunt Em will suffer if she reveals her identity.

Suspicious of Katy, Josh still finds himself falling in love. Burned once, he's sworn, “Never again.” Then he sees Katy in a moonlight conversation with his new ranch hand and suspects the worst. Are they scheming to take the Kramer ranch?

If Carrie reveals her true identity it could destroy any feelings Josh may have for her. Can Josh ever forgive her? Did Carrie kill the drunk? Is a posse trailing her? Only through God's grace can bring forgiveness and ensure a future for Carrie and Josh.


The drunk fingered a lock of Carrie's hair. “Treat Big Jim nice and he'll show you a night you'll not likely forgit.”

He traced her jawline with a callused thumb. “Smooth as silk. Mmm, Mmm, you sure are a cute little thang. How about a little kiss for a lonely ol' man?”

Carrie flung his hand from her face. She'd never been mauled by a man and didn't aim for this to be the first time.

Big Jim dragged her closer. “You're a feisty one. What's wrong, Big Jim ain't good enough fer ya?” His hairy arm snaked around her waist, yanking her closer, and smashing her face into his sweaty shirt. If she quit struggling, maybe he would loosen his grip. Carrie paused to catch her breath and to plan her next move.

Big Jim mistook her pause for surrender. “That's more like it, gal. Just relax and give Big Jim that kiss he's been wantin'.” He slackened his hold and lowered his head. The coarse stubble of his beard stung Carrie's cheek.

Anger and adrenaline raced through her. She pushed against him, then raised her foot and kicked him in the shin.

“Ow-w-w!” He let go and hopped around on one foot, cursing under his breath. “You little wench! You'll pay!”

The menacing gleam in his eye told Carrie it was now or never. Before he could grab her again, she shoved against him. The big oaf stumbled backward to the edge of the boardwalk, flailing his arms as he hit the ground with a thud.

Carrie clenched onto the support post, a hand pressed to her pounding heart. Big Jim lay spread-eagle, flat on his back in the dusty street. A rock lay beneath his head under the dim street light. He was not moving.

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How can readers learn more about you?

Laurean Brooks, Author

The link to my author page, where readers can view all my books is:

My blog: Laurean's Lore:   

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Beware of all that goes bump in the night…Sean and Sara McKinley are excited about the haunted house they’ve set up as a Halloween charity fund-raiser, but things take a ghoulish turn when the reporter covering their story is found dead. With the media keeping mum about how she died, Sara’s curiosity is piqued, and she convinces Sean to take on the investigation through their PI firm.

But this case is not without its challenges. The police are actively investigating it, as well, and it’s not even clear that the woman was murdered. It will take a little cloak-and-dagger, dress-up, and finesse for the McKinleys to get to the bottom of it, but they aren’t the kind to give up.

As they troll for leads and work through the skeletons in the reporter’s closet, they unearth a few suspects, but they’ll need to carve out the whole truth if they’re going to find her killer. If they do so fast enough, there might even be time for a little trick-or-treating.

 You can buy Halloween is Murder wherever books are sold, including the following popular retailers:

To find out more about Halloween is Murder and the other installments in the McKinley Mysteries series, including box sets, visit

About the McKinley Mysteries:

Romance. Humor. Murder. Are you looking for a murder mystery without all the graphic violence and foul language? Something that you can enjoy in an afternoon and walk away feeling good about afterward? How about a dash of humor and romance? If so, meet former detectives Sean and Sara McKinley. When a billionaire leaves them all his money, they no longer have to work, but they find themselves sticking to what they’re good at—solving murders. Undercover, off the books, and around the world, they’ll get to the bottom of things…and romance it up along the way.

This is the perfect book series for fans of Hart to HartCastleColomboMonkRockford FilesPsych, and Magnum PI.

About the Author

Carolyn Arnold is an international bestselling and award-winning author, as well as a speaker, teacher, and inspirational mentor. She has four continuing fiction series and has written nearly thirty books. Both her female detective and FBI profiler series have been praised by those in law enforcement as being accurate and entertaining, leading her to adopt the trademark, POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT™.

Connect with CAROLYN ARNOLD Online:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Honourable Lies
Fran Connor
Historical Romance

Victorian England with its hypocritical mores, a poor orphan girl elevated to High Society where she learns how to be a 'Lady', a handsome and wealthy love interest and a dastardly baddie combine to make this Romantic Thriller a page turner that you won't put down. The road up from the gutter is long; the way back may be quicker unless Victoria can outwit her Nemesis and overcome her jealousy.


Humphreys stood at the main door on the top step. A carriage pulled by two horses halted on the drive.

Bonnie slipped by Humphreys and made her way to the bottom step. The carriage door opened and Victoria saw a tall young man with a shock of unruly black hair climb out and embrace Bonnie. He was indeed as handsome, perhaps more so than advertised.

The young man reached into the carriage and helped a young lady down the step. Penelope, said Victoria to herself. Next came an older woman. This must be Lady de Mornay. Richard held her hand as she descended from the carriage.

Bonnie hugged Penelope and Lady de Mornay. Richard and the three women climbed the steps.

A black riding boot with a brown top stepped down, followed by the rest of the man. Victoria gasped. She recognised him at once. She could see the ivory Chinaman’s head hanging from his watch chain. He stood on the gravel and then came up the steps behind his family.

He walked with a limp. A limp from when I stabbed him. Will he recognise me? She turned towards the house.

‘Do come in,’ said Bonnie, with her arms around the shoulders of Richard and Penelope.

‘And you can get out of the habit of inviting us into our own house,’ said Lord de Mornay.

Richard shot around, his face flushed and angry. ‘My house, not yours.’

Lord de Mornay huffed and puffed. Richard turned back to walk in with the two ladies.

Victoria looked at Humphreys. He seemed to be smiling as his eyes met those of Lady de Mornay, who quickly averted her gaze.

Fran Connor 

is British and lives in SW France with his wonderful wife Viv, their dog Molly and chickens.

He claims he's living in that area for the lifestyle and weather which he says helps an author's creative juices. It may just be an excuse to drink wine and lounge in the sun. He writes novels, nine published so far with two more coming out soon. In addition to novels, he also writes screenplays.

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by Allyson Charles


GENRE: Small Town Contemporary Romance




Allison Stuart has always been the odd-woman-out of her family. She wears her jeans a little too tight, colors her hair a little too blonde, and instead of going into medicine and law like her sisters, she runs a diner. She’s also the only single sibling left. And while she won’t change her style, and her meatloaf is to die for, thank you very much, she wouldn’t mind her share of wedded bliss. So she makes an early New Year’s resolution: No more meaningless flings.

Drop-dead sexy Luke Hamilton is everything Allison has sworn off. His only serious relationship has been with his five-star restaurant, Le Cygne Noir, in Chicago. When he’s threatened by a lawsuit, Luke decides to hide out in Pineville, Michigan, until the statute of limitations runs out. The small town is filled with Christmas charm, but he can’t imagine living there. Heating things up with the hottie who owns the local diner would make his exile bearable—if he can convince her to give up her ridiculous resolution . . .


“Is this restaurant a step down for you?” Allison asked sweetly. She twirled the tip of the cleaver in a circle. “Is my kitchen not up to your usual standards?”

Luke appeared to have more balls than brains. He stood firm. “A kitchen can always be improved. Yours is no exception.”

He was giving her an ulcer. Allison’s stomach grumbled in complaint, and she knew just how it felt. There were some things that just weren’t done, and criticizing your boss’s kitchen was one of them. “Hasn’t anyone ever taught you not to piss off a woman holding an eight-inch blade?”

“That’s a solid piece of advice,” Delilah said in agreement.

Luke threw his hands in the air. “Fine. I think you’re making a mistake, but it’s your restaurant.”

“I’m glad you remember that,” Allison said.

Luke’s lips twitched, and he rocked back onto his heels. “I’d heard your nickname was the Tyrant, but I couldn’t see it till now.”

Allison spluttered.

“I mean it as a compliment,” Luke said. “You don’t let anyone push you around. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

Luke traced a finger along the slick metal surface of the counter, his eyes hot, and Allison felt it as though his finger danced along her spine. She could see in his expression that he meant it. He did find her take-charge attitude a turn-on. And damn if that didn’t make her go a little weak in the knees. Still, she couldn’t let that claim go unchallenged.

“My name is n—”

“No?” Delilah jumped in.

Luke chuckled.

Allison’s jaw grew stiff. If she could incinerate people with the heat of her glare, her restaurant would be down two cooks. They’d be nothing but little piles of dust. “Not no. And not Tyrant. My employees love me.”

Peals of laughter rang through the kitchen.

Allison wagged the knife in the air. “Delilah, that advice about being nice to the woman holding a knife? It goes for you, too.” Spinning, she hammered the cleaver into her cutting board, the blade plunging a quarter inch into the wood. She stepped back, and the cleaver stood upright, quivering in its new slot. With a pointed look at her cooks, she stormed to her office.

The hoots of amusement behind her back rather diminished the effect of her exit.

Allyson Charles, Author

Allyson Charles lives in Northern California. She’s the author of the "Pineville Romance" series, small-town, contemporary romances published by Lyrical Press. A former attorney, she happily ditched those suits and now works in her pajamas writing about men’s briefs instead of legal briefs. When she’s not writing, she’s probably engaged in one of her favorite hobbies: napping, eating, or martial arts (That last one almost makes up for the first two, right?). One of Allyson’s greatest disappointments is living in a state that doesn’t have any Cracker Barrels in it.

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Tangled in Time
Miss Main Street Book 1
Angela Castillo

Women's Inspirational Contemporary

slice-of-life women's fiction with a romantic thread and Christian

Every small town has its secrets. Darcy’s have been locked up inside her
since that last summer when she left Wimber, Texas, and the boy she
loved, for a glitzy life in Los Angeles. 

Seven years later, her gran’s passed away. Darcy’s been named as the
sole owner of the Tangled in Time antique store. Darcy can’t wait
to get back to the place where she’s always felt she belonged. But
owning a business isn’t as easy as it seems. And sometimes the past
is better left alone. 

But Darcy is determined to push forward, despite the obstacles that cross
her path. And maybe even have another chance to be with the man who
stayed behind.

Angela Castillo 
loves living in the small town of Bastrop Texas, and draws
much of her writing inspiration from life there. She loves to walk in
the woods and shop in the local stores. Castillo studied Practical
Theology and Music at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas. She
was home-schooled all through high school and is the oldest of 7
kids. Castillo's greatest joys are her little girl and two boys.
Castillo has been published in The First Line, Aardvark's Ark,
Heartwarmers, Thema, and several other publications, and also has
works available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format. Watch book
trailers on my Amazon author page!

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Fictional Humor
Date Published: August 15th 2017
Publisher: Grave Distractions Publications

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

When seniors normally settle into Cedar Branch Retirement Community they begin a simpler and slower pace of living. Not this group! With Jack Goslin, Karl and Betty Rutherfurd, and the Stevens Sisters nothing is simple or slower after moving into the number one retirement community in the south. With the neighboring resort battling over the beach property our eccentric group of seniors avenge war on the uptight and controlling manager of the resort. And after CBC gives the green light for residents to have private golf carts, well things just get even crazier for Derrick St. Clair.

From the new exotic fitness instructor, to Violet’s secret winery, Jack’s pimped out golf cart, and a host of other new issues for the director, CBC continues to gain popularity as the most interesting retirement community in the south. If you are looking for a place to retire, settle down, or witness bizarre fiascos stop by Cedar Branch, who knows – you just might make it home!

About the Author

Lee DuCote has traveled the world researching cultures, people, and historical accounts to help create his stories.  A native to Louisiana, he writes to give hope and encouragement to others, as well as to entertain and spark the imagination.  Lee lives in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas with his wife and family and is the author of seven novels including Camp 80 that earned him an international book award.  

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**All books are standalone and have a sexy version 
and a “sweet” (clean) version!!

Guest Post
By Erin Wright

Something not a lot of people know: My husband is my writing partner.

This isn’t true for a lot of married couples. I’m always surprised by how many authors talk about how their spouse doesn’t know anything about their books, and doesn’t care to know. Like…

I just have no comprehension of that. None.

Handsome Hubby and I co-write a lot of my books; we also plot together extensively.

News flash: I am awful at plotting. I really am. If you stuck me in a room by myself for a week (sliding food periodically under the door, of course – let’s at least not starve me to death) and told me that I had to plot a whole novel by myself, at the end of the week, you’d have a notebook full of doodles and an author looking slightly crazed.

I tried one time. I really tried. I was going to plot my own novel, dammit! I could do this! I didn’t need Handsome Hubby! I am an independent woman – hear me roar!!!

Two weeks later, Handsome Hubby and I went on a drive together, and plotted out my next novel. I’d managed to do…well, absolutely nothing on my new novel in those two weeks.

Here’s the honest-to-God truth about why I am incapable of plotting: I don’t want anyone to be unhap-py. Ever. Not even the fictional people that I would just be theoretically torturing on paper. They don’t exist, and I still want them to be happy!

Even as I type this, I know I sound nuts. But it’s true. And novels full of happy people just going about their day? Those aren’t novels. There’s no plot. People have to overcome problems and work through issues and fight and laugh and cry and love and hate and yell in order to actually have a story. My boring characters would go to work and come home and pay their bills and never yell at anyone and by page ten, even I would be yawning.

So, I rely on my husband to help me come up with non-yawn-worthy plots. And he does a bang-up job of it, if I do say so myself. :) #notbiasedatall So far, I have a farmer who is struggling to save his family’s farm, a guy who hates Christmas, a bull rider chasing a bull around the circuit that almost killed him, a guy who punches out his ex-brother-in-law and ends up in jail for it, a guy who finds out about a son he didn’t know he had, and a cowboy who has some serious internal problems that I can’t tell you about yet because that book hasn’t been released.

And that’s just the guys! I can’t tell you all about the women of these stories, lest I give away all of my plots. Needless to say, my female characters are just as strong and weak and complicated and wonderful as my male characters. No pansy-ass women in my stories; no siree bob.

Anyway, all of that ^^ is because of my husband, so…thank you, Handsome Hubby. You’re my favorite husband this week.

And I mean it!

Accounting For Love

Long Valley Romances 1
Erin Wright
Contemporary Western Romance

she the answer to his dreams … or the person who will be forced to
destroy them?

a farmer, dammit, not a bookkeeper

Stetson Miller inherits his father’s farm in Idaho, he’s too
focused on crops and yields to pay attention to the financial side of
things. The next thing he knows, he’s got a stack of unpaid bills,
the bank is threatening to foreclose … and the auditor who’s come
to examine his accounts is the sexiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on. 

But she’s a city girl, just like the last one who left him at the
altar. He’ll guard his heart – but he can’t help wanting her.

checking him out … in more ways than one

Kendall doesn’t mind a tough job, but the handsome Stetson is
trouble of a different kind. When he isn’t making her mad, he’s
filling her head with all sorts of forbidden fantasies. 

sparks between them fly even faster when the road washes out and
Jennifer has to spend the night on the farm. But passion alone won’t
pay the bills. Can Jennifer find a way for Stetson to save his farm? 

if she can’t, will he ever forgive her?

for Love 
the first novel in the Long Valley world, although all books in the
Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong
language, and oh my, sexy times. If you would prefer the sweet
version, it is also available on Amazon. Either way, enjoy!

**FREE on all platforms!**

Blizzard of Love

Long Valley Romances Book 2

country boy who hates Christmas for a reason, dammit …

Luke Nash runs into Stetson Miller down at the feed store, he never
expects his friend to strong-arm him into spending Christmas at the
Miller farm. Luke has no patience for Christmas cheer or Yuletide
song. And the rugged cowboy 
definitely has
no desire to kiss a girl under the mistletoe. No matter how
infuriatingly pretty she might be.
city girl who loves Christmas …
Bonnie Patterson adores Christmas, so when her best friend Jennifer invites
her to spend Christmas at the Miller farm, she jumps at the chance.
When she sets out for the snowy country town, she has visions dancing
in her head of cozy nights by a crackling fire, 
not of
a hot cowboy with an ice-cold heart.
Storm of the Century…
of a peaceful holiday in the country, Bonnie gets stranded at the
Miller farm by a blizzard. Even worse, she’s snowed-in with Luke,
an arrogant, impossible, but damn sexy cowboy. 

the fly sparks, will two people who are oh-so-different find their
own Christmas miracle?

of Love 
the second novella in the Long Valley world, although all books in
the Long Valley world can be read as standalones.
of Love 
a sweeter romance with minimal sex and mild language … If you would
prefer the completely clean version, it is also available on this
storefront. Either way, enjoy!

Arrested By Love

Long Valley Romances 3

a fighter, not a lover …
years ago, Wyatt Miller lost his family to a drunk driver. His heart
broken, he slowly put the pieces of his shattered life back together.
Running his thousand-acre ranch from dawn till dusk helps him forget
about his broken heart. When he stops a drunk from getting behind the
wheel one night, he ends up in a bloody fight … and then behind bars.
keeps men in line, but has a soft heart …
Abby Connelly takes her work at the Long Valley Jail seriously. She has no
dreams of marriage, children, or white-picket fences. All she wants
is to do her job and please the only family she has left, her father.
But the moment rugged and wounded Wyatt Miller walks into her jail,
Abby realizes her heart might just have a change of plans …
small towns have a way of holding onto big grudges. Wyatt and Abby
have an uphill fight to overcome the bad blood between the Miller and
Connelly families.
redemption never comes easy …
Arrested by Love is
the third novel in the Long Valley world, although all books in the
Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong
language, and oh my, sexy times. If you would prefer the sweet
version, it is also available on Amazon. Either way, enjoy!

Overdue for Love

Long Valley Romances 6

true love prevail against prejudice and deceit?
a bitter betrayal, Dawson Blackhorse won’t allow anyone to run
roughshod over his heart again … especially not the woman he was
once foolish enough to trust.
rodeo circuit gave Dawson an escape after his racist boss ran him
off. Hank Bartell made it clear no man who was part-Navajo, would buy
his ranch or court his daughter. In a single moment, the man
destroyed every one of Dawson’s dreams.
when the rodeo brings him to the tiny mountain town of Sawyer, Idaho,
he comes face to face with everything he lost.

nine years, Chloe Bartell hasn’t been able to forget the man who
abandoned her. Especially not when she looks into the eyes of their son.
quiet life Chloe leads in the small town of Sawyer is shattered the
day Dawson comes to compete in the rodeo. He’s everything she
remembers and more. Gorgeous. Muscular. Six foot and change of sexy
cowboy. She watches helplessly as he comes face to face with the son
he never knew he had. Dawson demands answers but Chloe is determined
to keep her distance. When sparks fly, the fire they ignite threatens
to burn down the walls she’s built around her broken heart.

the pain and loss of their past drive them apart for good? Or can
they forgive each other and build a new life, a life they always
dreamed of…

Overdue for Love is
the sixth novella in the Long Valley world, although all books in the
Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong
language, and oh my, sexy times. If you would prefer the sweet
version, please check out the other listing for this book. Either
way, enjoy!

USA Today Bestselling author Erin Wright has worked every job under the
sun, including library director, barista, teacher, website designer,
and ranch hand helping brand cattle, before settling into the career
she’s always dreamed about: Author.

She still loves coffee, doesn’t love the smell of cow flesh burning,
and is quite happily ensconced with her handsome hubby in a small,
charming town in rural Idaho.

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